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Prospective Students



We offer a free trial week for any potential new students. In the trial week you are welcome to book in and try any classes on our timetable. Students and their families wishing to take a look at our classes are given a tour around out studios and there will be an opportunity to ask an questions you wish.


If you are unsure about what sort of class to choose, call Principal Felicity Cutting today for a chat about the options. We welcome the opportunity to show you our inspiring classes and what life is like as an Academy member. It may be a weekly class for fun or to take up several classes.


We offer the option to tailor a training package to suit your family commitments and also the aspirations of your child. We do not pressure you into signing up and no fees need to be paid on the first trip to our school.


Call our Principal Felicity Cutting on 07841755312 or email her on info@ripleyacademyofdance.com